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Sunday, 10 February 2013

So this weekend has been sort of nondescript really, and on thinking back I am struggling to tell you anything fun or insightful! (Except for taking Meadow to see Dr Seuss 3D at the cinema, and she broke her glasses within like the first 10 minutes and for the rest of the film, clambered over seats and ate god-knows-how-old popcorn off the floor)
So instead I have a random assortment of my thoughts on film...

First of all, how much my babies are growing! Miss M on the swings in the summer is just such a baba and now is looking so much more like a little girl (ok except for her dummy but hell, she looks sweet as sugar)
 The Beagle too has tripled in size or more and is entering a dog teenage phase and tries his best to wreck our house...but is such a sweet boy. He has started coming running with me and so far only tripped me up once which I think is pretty decent going....
A pick of me and Rich on our first holiday together HOW YOUNG do we look? And it was only 4 years ago!!!! What the what? Kids, they AGE you!
Snoopy, my very bestest childhood toy, was sent down by my Dad from Scotland as he was having a clear out...and Snoopy the tiny bugger has not aged one bit since the day we became friends in 1981. Bah!
One of my oldest friends was reminding me of our clubbing days and it seems like a lifetime ago! Out meeting random boys? Oh My God that is just so so far out of my perspective now it makes my head spin thinking about it!
I am just starting to really think about aging and time and how there is so much I need to pack in. It would be so good to be free of the 9-5 and to travel and see the world while we are young. I just need to figure out the how.
Any good entrepreneurial ideas??



Amy said...

That's so cute your dad sent you your Snoopy! Beautiful photos of Miss M and I totally hear you about kids aging you... it's definitely the lack of sleep! x

Cj said...

4th down! Peas in a pod! Unbelievable!

I Lelli said...

We know what you mean when you say.... she looks so much more a little girl.... time goes by.....

xo from Italy... xo from Lelli Family

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