So it's Saturday

Saturday, 15 December 2012

And our house is still a building site!
We've moved back in and it is CHAOS.
So I'm spending a lot of time with Miss M out of the house. Yesterday I had a ridiculously busy day with a few important meetings to end my year, and nursery called. Meadow had a temperature and they wanted her picked up....with no family around, times like these are beyond awful. I had to drive back home through London traffic (why did everyone get in my way???) and take Meadow home to a house that is freezing cold, dirty and had drills going all afternoon.....

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?
And Miss M was fine after about two hours and a nice dose of calpol.
Reminds me that I must do a Meadow's Musings post soon, as today when we were getting ready i told her to hurry and she said "give me two minutes Mummy"
And this morning I asked how she was and she said "yesterday Meadow a bit poorly, today Meadow OK"!!!! How CUTE is she? I want to write all this down before I forget. 

Today was spent bumming around the shops, treating Miss M to another new bunny, and myself to these (although mine are slightly different and nicer), and enjoying a delicious brunch in All Bar One which is just brilliant as is so kid friendly but with delicious food and candles!!!
Meadow loves the Christmas turkey in Ted Baker's window (?!? I think it's creepy) and asks to go see it the minute we arrive at the mall :) She cries when we leave (waaa waaa waaa)

What to do tomorrow.....



Cj said...

Yes please more Meadow musings! X

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