The Friday Feeling

Friday, 3 August 2012

Sooo glad it is the start of the weekend!
Been a tough week, and I've been feeling under the weather.
Miss M has been a total sweetheart and making me laugh lots, as she has now started to speak in sentences. "Meadow want Mummy camera?" is her favourite. I love that she speaks in the third person it's toooo cute :) And everything is a question!
Couple of shots from today, including a random donkey we came across ("horswey mummy") and a house for sale near mine that I want my Daddy to buy! My favourite vintage ring that I got at the antique centre in Scotland, near my Dad's. Loving my bright blue jeans with grey t-shirt :)

Also my new pouffe's (giggle) that make awesome seats and add a shot of colour to our super neutral house. And Meadows new Zara baby Mac that has some awesome details. She is so chuffed with it :)
NB sorry about poor quality pics, blogger not uploading them very well.
Also sorry for saying "awesome" twice. But they both are so I'm sticking with it
Happy Friday xxx


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