What Saturday at 6.30 am looks like

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lie-in's are a thing of the past.
Although I often let Husband lie in, and take Meadow out as soon as she wakes up. I love early mornings anyway...
Here is a bit of our Saturday morning. We were the only people out in the village, and in our gorgeous park and it was lovely :) Miss M rocking some serious bed-head! It was all beautiful and misty, with sunshine breaking through...making the most of it while it is here.
It's been a tough few days as I've been mad busy with work but feeling ill, and Meadow seems to have my bug, and is coughing with a high temp. So night wakenings again! I've not missed them at all and the last 3 nights have made me wonder how the hell I got up 3 times a night for months???

Anyway, here's hoping we get through tonight with a good sleep! Please baby gods :)


Cupcakej said...

I am in love with the Private Fishing pic! X

Bakehouseblog said...

Thank you! I shall send it to you! Rich said about my photos "overexposed and meadows nappy needed changing" hahaha!

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