What The Wednesday

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Well today was all planned out.
Leave early. Check
Go shopping in the amaze Bicester Village (why can I never spell 'Bicester'!?! Ever??) Check
Buy Gucci scarf. Check
Consider buying a Celine organiser but walk away (I did! Applause please) Check
Watch Meadow go down the slide and clap and cheer. x500. Check
Sit in traffic on way to Manchester for 6.5 hours. Nope. No. Not on list.
And last but not least.
Sit helplessly on motorway as Meadow threw up the pickled onion monster munch crisps she ate at the service station. No not on list either. Still, excited to be back in car tomorrow for another 5 hours reliving the onion smell.
Arrive at amaze apartment 7 hours after plan!
Still both smiling!
Night night!


Natalie said...

Hope your little girl is feeling better -- so sad! Such sweet pictures of her. And so exciting about the Gucci scarf!

Bakehouseblog said...

Ooooh the scarf! It is lovely :)
You have to go to Bicester Village when you move here! It's amazing! Xx

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