Last Supper and Meadow Musings.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Last day in Scotland
Will miss the beautiful landscapes
The friendliness of the Scots
My Dad's house that has so much room! The garden!
Will not miss.
The TV that is gargantuan and on 24/7. Turn it off. I love my Dad but grrrrr the TV drives me crazy.

Meadow has had such a ball, soft play, safari park, feeding the fish, slides, parks.......
It's been so good to spend time with my girl. She accidentally hit me on the head with the iPad last night, and cradled my face, saying. " mummy please don't cry. It was an accident! I'm so sorry"

Other favourite moments include me having a fit at being stuck on M6 for 4 hours, "don't worry mummy, calm down, it's ok"
"My dolly is called Angel"
Me:"why is Daddy soooo grumpy?" Meadow : "I don't know. He is really grumpy"
Me "what shall we do today?" Meadow "go see Santa and his reindeer"
" Mummy you look beautiful, I like your hair"
"You are chubby you greedy guts"

She is such a ham!



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