So it's Saturday

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Family day!
So so so lucky to live near London but also live near the sea :0) it is such a perfect combination.
Bit of pirate ship watching with Daddy "I scared Daddy you have to protect me from pirate Captain Jack Spawow"
Back home to do some spring cleaning, and this is what happend....everyone gets involved. Hurumphh.
PS Meadow is getting weaned off dummies, they are just for naps, but she came home with that one yesterday which she stole from nursery :( bah!!!!! She came through from her room with it in her mouth!!!!

Any advice on dummy removal???? I hate them. I really do. I used it when I stopped breast feeding and she has become addicted to it, for sleeping and if she is upset. So not cute anymore now she is 2!! I remember before I had Meadow, thinking eughh dummies are ridiculous. Why do parents use them on kids? Just goes to judgement.....until you have a screaming baby you have NO idea what it is like...dummies are instant pacification. Anyway. I'm working on it! And generally just working on being better! Meadow is such a sweetheart but she is a bit spoiled, and although she has great manners, she has started asking for presents all the time (since Christmas) and I really need to work on not spoiling her..but it is SO HARD. An internal battle always commences. I totally appreciate how lucky I am to be able to treat her, but there is such a fine do you judge?

Happy weekend! xo


Carolyn Guadarrama said...

Looks like a lovely weekend spent with your family. I was just like you before I had kiddos thinking how pacifiers were so silly and wondering why parents would let their children have them, etc.. then we had our babies and ended up giving our oldest daughter one. I was dreading taking it away and put it off too long because I knew how much she loved it.She is really sensitive and loved to have it during the night and any time she could find one during the day. I finally decided it was time to take them away. I let her know everyday for a week leading up to it the countdown to no more pacifier. The first night she went to sleep without one there was lots of tear by her (and me!). Every nap/bed time for the first week she would ask for it and I would have to remind her that she was a big girl now and the pacifier was hurting her teeth. Her requests became fewer and fewer and in less than a week she stopped asking for them. I think it was tougher on me than on her in the end! Good luck!

Bakehouseblog said...

Thanks Carolyn, I think you are so right! I'm avoiding the issue....maybe because its giving up the final 'baby' part of it all too...great advice, I'm going to try it! Xx

Erika said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a nice weekend:)

Bakehouseblog said...

Thanks Erika! Still in love with your house :)

this little house said...

love your pictures!! and that bag..swoon!
caleb is loving his dummie more and more which makes me think it's probably time it has to go :(

Bakehouseblog said...

Caleb is a wee toot though! Meadow is 2.5!!!
Thanks for looking :) x

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