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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

So we are half way home!
No bad traffic, no puking Meadow.
So far so good.
The last few Instagrams....My Easter Bunny
My Dad's street. Snow on the hills can you see it?
My Dad's new wheels....little ickle teeny bit envious :) he put me on the insurance, but I refused to drive it, as the last time I drove one of his new cars, I reversed it in to the side of the house. Not tempting fate.
My outfit today, Arran jumper, denim shirt, leather leggings.
Meadow in the service station. So much temptation.

Meadow has been such a doll this trip. She sat beside me today for 4 hours straight, singing, chatting and playing. Must admit Toca Boca has helped, as well as treats along the way.....a magazine here, a peppa pig pyjama top there......she works well with rewards. I am just so enjoying all my time with her. I can't imagine ever having to dilute that with another baby, and am so glad we have decided to stop at one..... I look so tired all the time. i think if we had parents around to help, it would be different, but alone it is a challenge with one, never mind two. working my job during the week and weddings at weekends, would be too much now with a new baby. Nothing beats the experience....being pregnant, giving birth, holding a tiny newborn. such a gift. A precious life changing experience i am a million times grateful for. But i also want to start looking after myself again. My hair! My nails! I miss the maintenance god dammit. We also really want a big holiday. Palm Springs. We need it, the winter here has been sooooo long and sooo cold. The glimmers of sunshine this week have been so welcome.

A few Meadow Musings from today..
In Cafe Rouge to the waiter who asked if she had finished her dinner "not yet Captain"
"Mums I really really need to be a pirate"
"I'm scared. Scared of scarecows"
"Mummy I need the iPad please. I have work to do"

Happy Wednesday everyone xx


I Lelli said...

Agree alone is a challenge with one .... Leo wants to be a pirate too and in additino Spider Man, Superman, Oz, a policeman, a doctor etc etc etc etc etc

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