So It's Saturday

Saturday, 20 April 2013

And it was WARM hurrah, like sandal weather warm!
Me and Meds wore our sandals with pride today :) even though my feet were a bit pasty and hers were, well a bit dirty. She likes to run around bare footed and it shows! I am no true earth mama, but I like my littles to feel free. Want to cast of your clothes in 10 degree weather? Go For It.
Spent the afternoon with friends, BBQ and beer. Just perfect. You guessed it, I even broke out The White Jeans. There were babies a plenty so got lots of snuggles and baby lovin time! Caught a cute shot of Soph and Monty (PROMISE to put them all on disc Soph PROMISE)

I'm so excited for summer weather. I'm ready! I am! My Essie nail polishes are on standby (ooh Mummy I love your nails- she KILLS me) and I'm even breaking out the St Tropez. It's on! My Dad called today and said they have SNOW again...and I really cannot imagine. Nope. No thanks. I want some freckles back on this face!

Hope you had a fun relaxed Saturday friends xo

PS anyone else feel the undeniable need to spend a fortune on new sunglasses the minute the sun shines? Hello Tom Ford You know I love you right? C'mon. Spare me a pair.


Anonymous said...

SO True... Bought 2 pairs of sunglasses yesterday (Oops) ... Please stay around lovely weather! Gorgeous photos as always Bx

this little house said...

yay to warmer weather!! god knows we've waited long enough. totally agree on the sunglasses front, i made a cheeky michael kors purchase....baaaad mummy!

Darling Castaneda said...

Your house is BEYOND charming! (after scrolling through the posts I got an idea).... and you children are just gorgeous. I'll be following for sure! Cheers! =)

Bakehouseblog said...
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Bakehouseblog said...

Darling thnk you thank you thank you for such sweet comments, and for taking the time to read my little blog :) xo

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