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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

5 Things About Me.......

So it's trending and I'm joining in the fun.....the lovely Natalie gave me the idea. Although my blog is kind of an open forum anyway, there has to be something you don't know, right?

1. I aspire to be a famous stylist/photographer/blogger and get published but do absolutely nothing about it! Like it is just going to happen. Note to self. Get going with it. I totally believe that you can achieve anything you want, but you have to do some work.....:) Life just gets so busy and I admit I shelf things and then a day goes by, then a month then a year.

2.  I don't watch much TV, but adore American dramas...Californication/Dexter/MadMen...can't get enough. I like to save seasons and then have a huge Netflix catchup all at once. With coffee and chocolate in large supply.

3.  Dirty little secret I LOVE Laguna Beach. Gutted it finished. Yep. Mid thirties, mama, wife and can't get enough of the teenage angst. Yes, I like the Vampire Diaries (Stefan!! WTF) and you guessed it, Twilight anything.

4.  Running is one of my favourite things to do, and I adore it. But the first 10 minutes I complain and curse like a Sailor. Everytime. Especially since my run starts with an uphill :)

5.  I am the ultimate consumerist. I LOVE brands, I hate copies. Bags/wallets/washing powder/headache tablets...you name it, I want the real deal! My husband gets exasperated...it's the SAME ingredients! I DON'T CARE. I don't. It's intrinsic. I can't change it!

Your 5??  xo


Natalie said...

Loved getting to know you better -- I totally agree on Laguna Beach and being a brand snob!

A Little Slice Of said...

Great idea - it's so lovely finding out more about the people behind the blog. I had to comment on this as we are scarily similar! I LOVE American HBO TV series and was (am) a huge Laguna Beach fan (The HIlls was nowhere near as good but I watched that too...and The City!). I watch all the LB reruns - I get giddy hearing the opening song 'Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams...' I'm in my 30's too and teen TV is definitely my guilty pleasure. You made me giggle on Vampire Diaries and Twighlight (yep, me too!). I love to run and I work in Marketing for a big food manufacturer (Kraft Food). I'm a new follower on GFC and bloglovin!

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