50 shades of grey

Thursday, 18 April 2013

 And even a little nudity thrown in for good measure :)

Yep still in my grey phase......but as the weather brightening I am too, by wearing my white jeans. I'm notorious for my white jean wearing. A bit like Liz Hurley. When I met my husband and we were dating he would always ask "you wearing your white jeans??" As I am getting older (booo) I wondered yesterday if maybe I shouldn't wear them (they are pretty unflattering if you are not long of leg and slim)  but my Mum's words reverberated around my head "if you can't wear white jeans then who can?" (admittedly she said that about 8 years ago) and I put those bad boys on :)

Been entertaining a lot around here and the Old Bake House lends itself to parties perfectly. Meds spies on Daddy from the mezzanine, pouring out the Prosecco! "Dads, DADS, can I have some beer please"

Cheeky boom boom
PS been nominated on Babble! Woot woot!


Anthea Lau said...

totally stunning shots capturing the beauty of family life :)
P.S. Check out my Outfit post at Fashion Week Sydney!

Meghan Silva said...

Love your moms wise words , wear the white jeans!! beautiful shots.

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Julie Claveau said...

oh my goodness. you take such beautiful pictures. i really like the one of the baby's feet and his bum: so adorable! i took this one of my son's feet when he was little...

love, moon
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Bakehouseblog said...

andrea, off to check it out NOW, Meghan THANK YOU! Julie:nothing sweeter than baby toes :)
THANK you all for reading my little blog xxxx

Hannapat said...

Pretty cool pics and especially love the bum shot!! Go gal for the white jeans I am feeling a bit green as I always wanna wear them but instead just opt for my white shorts. Hannapat

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