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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

So I got an email (thank you, sweet reader CJ) asking for a post on weddings. Shooting weddings, being a part of a wedding day, is a gift. It's one I do not take lightly. A lot goes in to shooting a wedding,  the least of which I am on my feet and constantly thinking, waiting, watching, for a whole 8+ hours (unless you have decided to skip the evening, and want me for 4 hours). Yep, definitely accounts for the wrinkles on my left eye.
I am so lucky with my couples who pick me (us) and they tend to get married in amazing venues (see that little baby above!!) and are chilled and have great looking guests (my bride above works for ASOS as a buyer..say no more)

If you are getting are my words of wisdom (not on marriage, hell no! just on photography!)

1. First and, to me the most important fact...after the champagne is drunk, the last guests leave, and the honeymoon begins (enjoy) the only reminders of that wonderful day will be your fabulous memories. your spiffy new ring, and your photos.
2. With this in mind. Allocate a decent part of your budget to a decent photographer. Maybe cut in to the flower/dress/shoe budget if you have to. Flowers last a day. Photos are your lasting reminder.
3. Pick a photographer that suits your style. For example, I hate posed, group style shots. I am a journalistic photographer. So if you want lots of family, styled shots, pick a photog who is happy to do that, a more classic style of capturing your day.
4. Spent time on the photog's website. Look through their last few weddings. Even if they are different venues to yours. Check it out baby!
5. Meet them. skype them, call them, email them. Ask every question that is on your mind (but please, please don't ask if we shoot RAW :)
6. Make sure the images are yours. You have paid a lot of money for them (I hope) and they should be yours to copy,email, post to your blog, facebook etc etc.
7. Thank your photog. There is always a lot of thanking the bridesmaids (natch) the venue, the florist, the master of ceremonies, the string quartet, the minister...errr hello! Hello! Over here with the majorly heavy equipment! Yes, there you go. Thank you! Look after them. Feed them. We respond well to all of the fore mentioned :)

Any other me.... :)

Oh yes and if you want to see more, hop over to our site.

OOh maybe I should start a Wedding Photographers Style Blog. FYI I always wear a new dress from Whistles it's my lucky anti rain charm.



lucia m said...




Hannapat said...

Wow amazing photos lovely lady. Especially love the one where they have just signed the register?! Lush! What a lovely thing to do. Thanks for sharing with us xoxo

little t said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love your style.

So important to get to know the photographer. My sister got married recently and my brother was the photographer. I feel like you can almost see that in the photos. They are so natural and relaxed!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

thanks girls!
Natural an relaxed photos are my fave!

Cj said...

YES! Love it. Such gorgeous photos. You are so talented. X

Arrow said...

Amazing pictures!

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