Thursday Inspirations

Thursday, 6 June 2013

So it's been a LONG day at work. Hot, long and exhausting.
What better way to spend the few hours before bed, browsing Net-a-Porter for dream outfits?
Hell Yeah. Inspired by the most awesome outfit on the wonderfully incredible Stockholm Streetstyle, I spent errr 45 minutes (!!!!) painstakingly making a collage! I love a collage. Stop laughing. It's not a bad second ever attempt?!??!
Anyways. My choices......dress, top, clutch
Yours for just over £1000 all in. Bargain.

Think Net-a-Porter might send me everything if I ask nicely and promise to take a picture for my blog? Thought not.

Happy Thursday everyone! (Anyone now off to buy my collage collection?)


courtney said...

Love that tee - adorable with distressed jeans and heels. The dress I'm not sure I could pull off - all I think is bumble bee! ;)

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Haha yes there is a definite bee vibe!

brigette said...

thanks for stopping by! wow great inspiration! love the outfit and the t shirt!!

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