Weekend Wanderings

Sunday, 23 June 2013

It's been a crazy busy long long long week. I have been away with work, in a hotel where my mind refused to sleep! Argghh! Meadow has been really challenging this month too, with tantrums and really generally being a brat. SO...
I. this is very appropriate!
I'm a talker. I always have been. I'm pretty much an open book, honest and not scared to argue a point. With life and all it's challenges, I sometimes toy with the idea of a therapist. And then I read this. II. and I realised that talking is my therapy.
III. We read these a LOT. I mean a lot.
IV. I am such a magpie at the moment. This is one of my favourites, from here. I kinda sorta totally want everything she makes.
V. Sales are in full force and I picked out this little baby from The Kooples. And yes it leaves you open to comments "I really really want to unzip that" from male colleagues!
VI. And a special hard work reward. I wanted the monogrammed one, but it has to go to Paris (!?!why) and takes 2 months. I am totally impatient. That would so not happen. Esp as we go to Spain in 4 weeks and I want to take it obviously!
VII. Meadow chatting on her phone. She has an 'office' and does "eeemails" and is often "busy". Wonder who she gets that from?!?
VIII. Nooo shoes. She is so picky now. SHe loves shoes and bags. Say no more.I know what you are thinking.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend, and I promise outfit post and whats in my bag this week.


courtney said...

LOVING that blouse and love meadow on her phone, isn't it adorable when they do that? I can't wait until B is old enough :) Great pics, as always!

AlinaLoves said...

Your little girl is SO adorable - especially pretending to be 'working', ha! And you just reminded me of these Meg books - I used to read them all. the. time! What a blast from the past.

Have a great week!

A Little Slice Of said...

I'm a huge talker too...I feel if I've said it out loud to others (anyone who'll listen to my rambling really) then it's a shared issue/problem/worry and not just my own.

Always nice to treat yourself for hardwork too and a little LV is always good. And isn't Meadow becoming a little miss now with her shoes and bags - so cute!!

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