Tuesday Love

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Today is Tuesday. Yup, we have discussed this before. Dullest day of the week. And today. Tuesday. it also rained.
Anyway. Lucky for me (us!) I have some sunny snaps from the weekend! Hurrah.
Meadow was sharing her joy with me at the cheap o plastic princess shoes. How she loved them For 5 minutes.
Wearing my Lover sweatshirt by the uber talented Miss Meg Biram. She does limited edition t-shirts and sweaters and I love them/her. My friend Beth, who reads my blog (Hi B!) commented on how nice it is to see my face (as my style shots are usually, well, shot by me!) The thing is, i explained to her that me and Rich have differing ideas on style shots and usually we fall out. I 'critique' his shots, he gets cross and it's a disaster. Or even worse, Meadow does something catastrophic, while we are debating shutter speeds etc etc and falls down the stone steps in our garden (hello there scraped tiny nose). You get the picture. Anyway. I will try to overcome our marital disharmony over shots, and do more!

Hope you are all having a sunnier Tuesday than us, and please, please. Do not let me cut Meadow's fringe again. Poor kid

PS shorts Gap, Sunnies Gucci!


Hannapat said...

Lovely pics as always. I've so given up on cutting hair here and it's finally straight!! :-) xo

Cj said...

I LOVE your hair! And your sweater. And Meadow. X

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Cj I hate my hair! I love Meadow and my sweater too xx

A Little Slice Of said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Sorry Carla I accidentally deleted your comment trying to reply!
NO way! God we could save a FORTUNE sharing clothes if we lived near each other .... Maybe I will move. Fed up of England :)

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