Silent Sunday

Sunday, 9 June 2013

I. Meadow's artwork II.Mama's reading III. New Havaianas for summer IV. Plastic princess shoes. Oh Yeah.


A Little Slice Of said...

Meadows artwork is gorgeous and those little princess shoes are delightful - how cute!!

courtney said...

I LOVE her artwork! The gold against the blue, gorgeous. Frame worthy for sure!

Marcela Barraza said...

Love the gold havaianas! They seem so comfortable!

Megan said...

Your pictures really speak a thousand words. Lovely

Hannapat said...

Loving meadows artwork. Little artist in the making. All it needs now is a pretty frame. Let me know what you think of the book. Xo

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Thanks everyone! Maybe I should open an etsy shop for Meadow :)

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