Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What you didn't know? That matching your top to your kitchen cabinets is cool?
Unintentionally (I suppose?!? I hope?!?) inspired by my very own kitchen, I am loving the pop of baby blue in this top (Zara) matched with my print skirt. And because I am crazy for colour, a cheap ol' H&M necklace to really go for it. Meadow had waaaay to much fun tangling it up afterwards. That my friends, is why cheap is best! Expensive things get ruined! Meadow squeeeeeeezed out ALL my Clarins products at the weekend (bye bye Beauty Flash Balm, Anti-Aging SPF15 Moisturiser, Anti-Aging Serum, Moisture Mask et al. It was nice knowing you. "Mummy. DO NOT come upstairs. I am PAINTING". The shutters. With your very expensive creams.
Insert scream here______

Anyways. Let the expense continue..Play bag lady with my Stephen Sprouse limited edition Vuitton. Go on. Then clamber in to your "office" and knock over all Daddy's files.
I love that kid.

Tomorrow! Is "what's in my bag?" post AND what's in my carry-on. Oh-er. As I am off. Again.To Jersey. No not that Jersey...this Jersey!



Dani said...

Your house, your outfit, your beautiful baby girl. It's all simply lovely.

Hannapat said...

Loving the colour, the top and the Joules skirt with a bit of colourful bling, lush! Also loving your kitchen cupboards, good colour choice there my dear. Yes got to love their obsessions with all our smellies and expensive products, I normally do a trick and just pretend it is coming from the expensive pot, but that doesn't always work, too old for that one now. Enjoy your trip to Jersey (well I suppose its work, so goodluck!) xoxo

courtney said...

LOVE so much about this outfit - the color, the mixed prints, the pop of your necklace, so lovely! Hope you'll be linking up with us this week :)

Alanna said...

Thanks for linking up again. Your baby girl is such a little beauty...and your staircase?? I am so jealous!! Is it lame to be jealous of your staircase? Haha!

Wiffy said...

haha 'paint the shutters' that is cute but sorry about your lost products!

Katie Waddell said...

Love your outfit, that cabinet color (!!!!), and Meadow's neon snadals!!!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Hey girls! Thanks so much for your comments! Yes Meadow is as crazy as her sandals! Very appropriate shoe choice!
Everyone go buy my top, I saw it in the Zara sale and it comes in a lovely green too!

Lesson learned I am sticking to Olay!

A Little Slice Of said...

Love your mixed print outfit!! I also want your house and a pair of those hot pink sandals Meadow has on!!

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