Friday, 7 June 2013

And it's very welcome.
It's been a tough week! Not all sitting around on ladders in doorways (!?!) Basically because of Meadow. Let the sleep training commence. We have always been slightly arrogant about Meadow and her sleeping. From the first day, she has loved her sleep! I used to wake her up to feed her as a baby...(I know! What an idiot! Anyway that's a whole different blog post) And now. It's biting us in the ass. She HATES going to bed. No. Won't. Please Mummy. I need a wee. My foot hurts. My tummy hurts. I'm huungrryy. I'm scared. I'm not COMFY. We have heard it all.
But when it's approaching 10pm and you have a two year old creating chaos. It's not fun. And hey, it gets worse. Come around midnight, she is up again. Marching up our stairs, crying. Climbing in to our bed. Smooching us over the bed. Tosses and turns. Throws herself upside down, taking the god damn duvet with her. Elbow in the eye. Foot in the face.
You get the picture.
Now I love my bed. I love Diptique candles burning, big squishy pillows, an eye blind, and 8 hours.
The answer.
Sleep training.It's started people. It's started.I'm game on. BRING it Meadow. I'm going to make it rain. Ok, too much! But I am standing firm with the tiny terror. She has had a good run of mama bed love. It's over.

So Rich gave me some time out tonight! I saw The Great Gatsby and great it was. It's one of my favourite books and the film was definitely a triumph....Oh Leo. I love going to the cinema by myself. Love it. I bought a heap of nibbles and paid for an extra comfy seat, and forgot my troubles for 2 hours. Awesome! Rich snapped a few pics of my outfit (I like dressing up, he loves me in boyfriend jeans and no makeup and sweaters!) See that tired face! I'm having a black and white moment. Led by my beloved Tag watch

Have a very awesome weekend lovelies and send me your links to fab makeup for hiding exhaustion! I know I want me some of this as it makes your skin so super smooth and clear!Anything you particularly love?


petal and plume said...

this was a wonderful post! wasn't the gatsby film so brilliant? so inspiring and beautiful. happy weekend to you!

Hannapat said...

Oooh my thoughts are with you dearie these are tough times and there's little one can do but ride it through. Positive attitude and all that - eeeek a tricky one when the sleep deps kick in gawd do I know. I'm like a rat in heat!! Anyway a great film and peace and calm for a couple of hours sound just the ticket. Hope you have a good weekend xo

courtney said...

You can do it!! Sleep training is HARD but SO WORTH IT. Don't give up :)

As far as a miracle beauty product? This got me through months of exhaustion. Seriously, I would use it and look like I was getting 8 hours of sleep nightly....which was so NOT happening ;)

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Thanks or the support girls! Night 2 has begun:)
Courtney, off to check out sephora site pronto xxx

Jessie Abell said...

i love, love going to the movies by myself as well! people always treat me like i'm crazy for it.

i loved gatsby, too, (oh, leo!), though i found myself wishing that someone other than luhrmann had directed it -- i thought his style took away from the actors' performances.

btw, you look gorgeous. no exhaustion in site. a good trick is to put highlighter (a light white shimmer) underneath the brow and in the corners of your eyes.

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Jessie you are SO right. There was something off and you nailed it. Baz is not my kind of director either and yes, he has put his unique almost musical style on it. I kept expecting them to burst in to song!

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