Tired Tuesday

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

So I am kind of one of those annoying people with boundless energy.
I can do a 3 mile run, cook everyone breakfast, have hoovered the house, played shopkeeper with Meadow (!) fired off some emails and tidied the kitchen by 8 am.
Today. not so much.
I felt drained and out of sorts. So I am being kind to myself and taking the evening to look at my iPad (hello Pinterest - anyone else totally obsessed with this?? I can lose HOURS) and paint my nails.

Rich bought me some Green and Blacks (buttescotch YUM) and Vogue and I'm so loving Jennifer Lawrence. She is one cool cookie.

Anyway, sorry for a laclustre post, but to end on a high, Meadow shouted through to me earlier "MUMMY!MUUUMMMYY. Hurry! There is a bloody wasp in my room" Note to self. Stop swearing.
Also, I cut her fringe (bangs!) waaaayyy to short. Rich says it makes her look like Jimmy Saville (oh god). Note to self. NEVER cut Meadow's hair again. Ever


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

bloody wasp...! too funny i know you are not supposed to think its cute but little kids swearing is the cutest

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Right? Totally! Bloody is just so English! Laughed for ages!

courtney said...

I'm with you on the energy - I am go go go go until 8PM and then I crash. Not a night person although with the crazy amount of items I accomplish in the day I'm ok with that :)

I laughed out loud about the bloody wasp!!! Too funny Meadow.

Cj said...

I am in love with that top pic. Can't stop looking at it. Has your pep returned today? I hope so! Xxx

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Just found your blog yesterday and spent a ton of time reading all your fun posts! You and your family are adorable! So funny you love the U.S. as I love the U.K. probably! I don't think we are sick of the Brits at all. In fact, we live in an area with a ton of expats and we love them all. They are a blast and clever than most dull Americans!! I look forward to reading more of your blog!


Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Ah C yes, 8pm is my ideal for glass of wine and my kindle!
CJ no, not moving as Canada is very skill specific (carers, ECG technicians etc) and Oz is shut down!
So England it is....for a while!

Kim THANK you! If you ever want to trade for English country life, lets do it! Hee hee xxxxx

Megan said...

Sadly, I'm also having one of those days - and I wanted to go to the gym so badly. I think a few late nights have finally caught up with me.

Luckily, it's weekend! yaya!

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