What Happened to the Weekend??

Sunday, 11 August 2013

I My current favourite work outfit. Dress: Theory Shoes: KG Sparkly top :French Connection Bag: Mulberry
II New tags from IKEA! Love!
III My new baby! A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree! I speak to him all the time and tell him I love him
IV Stars and Stripes and Sleeping Girl
V Cuckoo clock in The Old Bake House
VI Life is better out of focus
VII My new favourite top. Leopard print from GAP (can you believe it) Jeans that I live in, even although the rips are starting to border on obscene :) Zara

I am feeling all sorts of blah at the moment and am going through some sort of "I wanna change my life" phase.
My current 2 top choices are.

Move to Canada.
Go back to school to study something different (I did Politics)

Moving countries is massively appealing as it's such a proper BANG change and I love the USA so so much but they hate Brits moving over so I'm stuffed. Now Canada likes Brits and I could get a visa!(I think)

So much to think about! And sometimes, that's the best part. Maybe I will, maybe I won't but the possiblities of it all, are giving me a bit of light in a challenging couple of weeks.

Do you think about making big changes? Do you dream of different countries?


PS and did I tell ya I'm going to PARIS again in 8 weeks! Boooyaaaa!


Alexa said...

Soo jealous you are off to Paris! Ah...to go back!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

But Canada is colder than the UK? What about Oz? I would love to move countries - I am pretty easy going but weather would be a huge factor!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Now Oz would be great! I need to look at their immigration policy I think my politics background prob not on their list of wants. Dammit why did I not do medicine! Weather is SO important. California now that's just perfection....

Share my Garden said...

I dream about different countries (warm ones) whenever it's cold and wet. I don't think it's ever going to happen.
Paris will be nice - do all the lovely shopping that Coulda suggested a while ago!

courtney said...

I always seem to be dreaming about moving somewhere but when it comes down to it, I don't think I could leave my home. I love it just so much.....

Love your jeans by the way. You as always, look spectacular.

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Yes, SMG, Paris will keep me going!
Courtney, that is so true...I do love home I just have wanderlust!
And thank you! Zara are the bestest when it comes to jeans! I am so cross I wasted so much money on 7 for all mankind and Paige previously!!! xx

Cj said...

Do NOT move to Canada. And Paris!!! Spitting absolute chips with jealousy again! ;)

What would you study? Xx

Megan said...

I loooove your house. You should so not move, I will not forgive you if you leave this stunning place! hahaha

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Haha Megan! We do love it but If only our house was in California! Sigh xx

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