Manic Monday

Monday, 5 August 2013

A few more schnaps of our be honest there is not that many, mostly because a) we take photos ALL the time, so a holiday is time out from that a bit...and b)we did nothing!!! Not much to take photos of!
It's been back to work with a bang, on Friday I got stuck in the central London traffic and it took me 4 hours to do a 80 minute journey...Saturday I shot a wedding in 32 degree heat (sweaty) and today has been phone call after phone call. Errr. I need a holiday??

I wanted to really take some time out in Spain to get some objectives and goals together, both for my home life and this blog. But somehow I never quite got pen to paper. I want my blog to be bigger, to be better but I'm just not sure I can dedicate the time to social media that this requires.

But I am nothing if not competitive and that encourages me to try!

So thank you to my loyal band of followers. If you think you would like to see/hear more about something from me...leave me a comment!

Happy Monday, wherever you are!
PS Still debating what to buy with my Net-A-Porter voucher from Carla
Or this? Both classics and you know I love me a denim shirt.....decisions...

Final note...driving in the car on Sunday, Meadow said "Mummy". "Yes, Meadow?" "You are a stinky little smurf"
I am still laughing! :)


Cj said...

Boots. Fo shizzle. Would LOVE to see more from you! Vlogs please....with cameos from Miss M. X


Yes to vlogs! And I love these pictures, especially your sunnies! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch?


Cara Northcutt said...

Hands down the booties, they are too good! Now, can we take a moment to talk about how precious your daughter is... adorable!

xx Cara

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Well done for winning Carla's comp! But seriously the day I got back I got stuck in two hours worth of traffic. London is getting choked to the gills...

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Vlogs you say? Then vlogs it is!
And seems like the boots are getting the vote?

Bloody London drives me nuts. Literally....especially in the heat. Yuck xo

courtney said...

Boots is my vote and love the photos, as always. Meadow looks so pretty!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Thanks Courtney...what have you been cooking today? Off to check x


she is adorable,lovely pics :)

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