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Friday, 16 August 2013

So I had the very best of intentions today. Finish work at a reasonable hour, and get a blog post on my outfit (it was a good 'un)
But fate intervened, and my destiny was to spend 5 hours stuck in a 22 mile traffic jam leaving London....
And by the time I made it home, this little lady was passed out on the sofa. Her ickle feet! Don't be fooled though, they get sweaty :) And her poor fringe! Grow Grow Grow fringe! GROW!

So all I can leave you with is Rich's latest tattoo (ahoy me hearties) and my new Rag and Bone boots! Aren't they marvelous? Buy the leather version  here, I got mine directly from the Rag and Bone store in Oxford.. they are so comfy I love love love. Still undecided what to spend my voucher from Carla on...I look at Net-a-Porter everyday and change my mind :)
I also bought a little Gucci bag but I'm not sure if i like it or not. Will share it with you all soon for your opinion...maybe it will become a giveaway on my blog!?!

Have a happy weekend everyone and keep up with my instagram account to see what me and Meadow get up to this weekend (no weddings!)



Wiffy said...

Those boots are marvelous!

Play Street said...

QT! Love your boots, such a good heel height too, so hard to find boots to wear all day without breaking an ankle in 'em xxxx

A Little Slice Of said...

Five hours in traffic is vomit! I thought I was bad with my 1 hour commute. The short fringe is cute and it will grow back before you know it. Great boots!!

ps. I can't find that Zara top anywhere :(

Brittany Williams said...

Lovely pictures! Them boots are gorgeous!!<3

Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)

Hugs, Brittany, xx


Karen Reid-Mogford said...

thanks girlies! Them darn boots are fine!soooo comfy too.
Carla, let me see if I can find you one in the UK...if not, you can have mine, I only wore it once :)

Cj said...

Ooh so much gorgeousness all in one post...Meadow, tats and rag and bone boots! Delish!

And FIVE hours! UGH! I feel for ya! :( x

lyndsay said...

DANG love your rag n bone boots!! you have a lovely blog... love the name, too! :)

thanks for finding me! :)

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