Thursday Thoughts

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's 7am and The Mog and The Mini Mog are still zzzzz so I've sneaked an hour reading my fave blogs :) Today is going to be a mad old day, with a long meeting and trying to catch up on a million admin things I have had buzzing around in my head but have doggedly refused to action! WHY?WHY?WHY? and now I have a day before my week up in town with work, and will be running around grumpy and all crazy....idiot!

Anyway. I was reading the fabulous Nat The Fat Rat blog and she did the wittiest essay on her husband. So funny. And it got me thinking about The Mogster.

My husband is the funniest person I know. He is sharp, and dry and crazy smart. He also has a tendency to say what he thinks with no filter whatsoever. I've captured a few of his gems to share...

As i was walking up the stairs in our house, he was behind me and said
"I was thinking earlier today that you are very lucky I find you sexy. Many men who are married with children don't actually fancy their wives"

After a ridiculous argument about tidiness requirements (his not mine) when I asked him if he felt a bit silly
"Nope. I actually always think arguments are your fault"

My favourite has to be 
"Remember when you were pregnant and I said your bum was bigger and you cried" 

A common statement
"I have just had the best idea for a film"

"Meadow climbed up on to my head using my nose then grabbed my hair and stuck her fist in my eye"

"Could I please have a lie in tomorrow. I am exhausted"

"Meadow. Please. Please. Do Not Throw Food On The Floor" actually we both say this a lot.   

These are my favourites but I will share more Mogisms when they are revealed to me along the way :)
Mr Mog is a truly special person and I love him ridiculously! He puts up with my constant hyperness and also lets me shout at him frequently and merely raises an eyebrow. That takes talent :)


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