Sunday madness

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Today was a challenge from the start. Meadow fell over in to a puddle on our way out and literally was soaked from head to toe. When we eventually got to our destination, it poured with rain and we both got soaked. Meadow refused to go in the shopping cart. Refused to go in her buggy. Refused to wear shoes. So rain, wet child, no socks or shoes.
Then after spending £100 on not much, we headed back to the car, where I made a fateful decision to change Ms nappy on the back seat, she had my car keys, and locked the car. I grabbed them and threw them on the front seat and then took her off the back seat and shut the door. Yip. Car locked, now keys inside car. Oh My GOD.
Cue rain(again) Standing in carpark with half naked child, now no jeans, shoes or socks.
Thank you soooo much to the fantastic Craig from BMW who broke in to my car and got my keys!

Home! Hurrah. No end to bad day! Meadow got her mitts on my camera, and was saying "cheeeese" before tripping and dropping camera. Yup. Broken lens.

Anyway! I'm off to bed before my week long conference!
A few pics from my day....which wasn't all bad - including a little red dress from here that will be a great transitional piece from summer (ha) to autumn.. a good red wine on offer from here and my new Elle Decoration! Woop!

Have a good week everyone! xo


Cj said...

Omg! Top pic is my new fav pic of you! Shexy mama! Xxx

Carolyn Guadarrama said...

I just stubmled across your blog and love the post. It's so funny to hear about after the fact! I have had many similar moment with my two little girls sometimes nothing goes right!


Bakehouseblog said...

Oh thank you Carolyn it's nice to know it happens to other people too! We have lots of days like that around here:)
Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog x

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