Wednesday, 19 September 2012

the only good thing about Wednesday is it's the day before Thursday which is the day before.. FRIDAY!! woop!
I was here today and it was sunny and warm and gorgeous! But I was working and sat in an underground (!!!!) conference room in a shabby hotel which was full of radiologists (very nice people) who are not my target customers (neurologists)
Anyway! That's dullsville so here is a link to a few Meadow purchases...these and this (too cute), a little light that is now on my bedside table
and I really really want this for the OBH.....

Dreaming of... beautiful Skye in Scotland (first pic of our last holiday there) and need to get to the beach near us soon (second pic of beach near us - I look grumpy as was traumatized from 7 month old Meadow falling face down in the sand earlier - not my best day at the beach - I cried for a good half hour. She had no distinguishable facial features except her wailing mouth!!! I can laugh now but at the time I wanted to die for being such a terrible mother!)

Hope you all had a fab Wednesday!


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