Twinkle Twinkle Tuesday

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Today was fairly non descript work wise BUT I had an added pep in my step swinging my new alexa bag :) to say I love it is an understatement (hence all the pics I am so sorry)

It was dark when i got back from work, so the photos are from 7am this morning and you can see little Miss Meadow was having a good ol' root around in it! She never fails to get my chewing gum, lipstick and purse out within 2 seconds flat :)
Talking of Meadow, she went to bed tonight singing...
"Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar"
Seriously? I think we need to cut down the old choc buttons (she only gets 2 a day as a treat after nursery).

Picked up a few cute little gems from TK Maxx today and will try to get a few pics of them tomorrow and let you see :) I am away with work from Saturday for a whole 7 days (HOW much will I miss my baby!!!!!) so needed a few extra smart items for my trip....I am staying here and will take my camera hopefully so not relying on instagram! Or if you guys do not mind fairly low quality instagrams, let me know, save me lugging my Mk II all over London :) Packing is going to be a major pain and I have such a love hate relationship with it...and I always end up taking stuff I don't wear but over the years, I have decided more is better or i end up buying new :)

Thanks again to everyone for your lovely comments and please keep reading! xo

NB the bottom pic is not a weird out of focus Meadow shot, it's the rainbow light on the OBH floor! Our house literally sparkles in the morning (makes up for it being so friggin' cold all the time)


Cj said...

Never mind the Alexa....what's that cute lil pink creature in the votive holder?
Go with Instagram. We can survive!
And finally, twinkle twinkle chocolate bar!! Much better lyrics! Kid's a genius! Xxxx

Bakehouseblog said...

Haha we call him Mr Neep!
Yes where she got her lyrics from we have no idea! She's a crazy ill cat xxxx

Cj said...

I heart mr neep! And the Alexa of course.....TDF! Xx

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