Sunday afternoon

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Today is the day before my baby turns 2! This time 2 years ago I was grumbling a lot and sleeping not at all and generally willing the baby to appear (quickly and magically pain free - neither of which happened!)
Today started with a glass of pink champagne (ok pink sparkling wine)
We spent the day with 3 of our favourite people. We went here and ate lots of this made by the wonderful Mrs Wisdom (due boy No2 in 11 weeks! Yikes)
We came home and Meadow scampered around, jumping on our bed and leaving chaos in her wake as per usual...a tiny shoe here, a discarded sock there, books and toys generally EVERYWHERE...
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend xxxx
PS planning my new kitchen and very excited! Quick snap of mine before it goes. Cannot wait to do a before and after. (Not looking forward to seeing my bank account after.)


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