Tuesday, 18 September 2012

was a really uneventful day...consisting of getting up, enjoying the usual morning chaos of spilt cereal (Meadow) grumpy attitudes (Rich) and doing a million things at once badly (me)
I worked late and was running out of light, but managed to snap a glimpse of what little evening I did have....
Meadow in the CUTEST vintage Smurf t-shirt (remember them?) and wearing her little Polarn O.Pyret leggings (love these ones) NB I am the one behind the stairgate - not her! She is a smarty pants!
A new top from here that she will rock
Some new books for Mama (because I don't have enough to do - thought I'd get in some light reading in the hours 12-2am lol)
Definitely recommend The The Magic - love it and really hope it is true! Sorry link is just to Amazon, as my link bar not working...
Definitely do not recommend "why french children don't talk back" - It is completely dull and is really just a lot of self indulgent talk about her own kids....harsh but please do not waste your £14.99/$20....!! Lady! Start a blog instead!

Tuesday will be finishing with a quick mop of floor to remove any couscous Meadow flung there from dinner (don't even try to tell me French toddlers never throw food on floor) and a little list to make as recommended by The Magic. I'm a believer! xoxo


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