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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Time is flying by. As it does on holiday. It's so hot that we have been pretty lazy and hung around the pool. We did venture to Benidorm as it has a Zara and a Massimo Dutti... I picked up a few pieces including a fab floral Zara top and silk lace top from Massimo.
I will always, always find a shopping opportunity!
We have been enjoying girlie time, me and Miss M, eating delicious gelato and painting our nails (Holiday by Chanel)
On the downside we have a RAT in the kitchen! Coming in from the pool I saw him eating a peach on our kitchen table! Cheeky! He is now camped out under the cabinets and I refuse to go anywhere without Meadow (she has NO fear). "I protect you Mums"
Love her!
I screamed in typical girlie fashion and, usefully threw my water bottle at him, which resulted in water everywhere... Someone is coming tomorrow to get him out!!

Happy Sunday lovelies! Sorry these are all Instagrams, I shoulda brought my Mac to download! Xoxo


courtney said...

Oh no!!! The rat story made me laugh - i can totally picture it. That lace top is LOVELY, great choice - as always. Enjoy vacay!!

Hannapat said...

So pleased your enjoying your hols. Loving seeing the pics on Instagram. Yip I went to Zara went we went to Calpe. A girls got to do what a girls gotta do!!! Loving that cream lace top want one now!!! Enjoy your time with meadow, eeek for rat not sure we would cope with that one. Time for ub40!! Xoxo

Cj said...

HA! A peach eating rat! Love it! And god bless Meadow! That girl is AWESOME! So happy you are having a fab time....apart from the rat! Xxx

Valentina Duracinsky said...

How lovely!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Hi girls! Yes get to Massimo as my top is silk and was 15 euros in the sale! Grab one!
Rat still here. My lovely peaches (new ones natch) are safely in the fridge. I have made friends with a local cat. I'm bribing him to come stay :)

Alanna said...

Looks like your having so much fun! Jealous!!

Alanna said...


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