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Saturday, 6 July 2013

I. New favourite t from All Saints
II. Hat that Meadow always steals.
III. My star tattoo
IV. Light on the stairs
V. Cashmere jumper from Chinti and Parker. You know I'm a sucker for leopard print.
VI. Lavender heart. Hannahpat you could no doubt make this, I'm a loser and paid something ridiculous like £18 for it.

Happy weekend xo


courtney said...

Love the star tattoo! Great photos, as always :)

Hannapat said...

Hello!! I've missed you!! Hope you survived this week. Loving the hat, I'm definitely a hat girl and that's one lovely hat! You will have to tell me when it's your birthday lovely! Also you're too kind, yes I've made these and £18 is pretty much what you pay for these in the shop, but I have to add that even though it does seem pricey every house needs one or a couple right?! Hope you're enjoying this very delicious weather OMG!! Xo

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Thanks Courtney!
I KNEW it Hannahpat, I knew it! You are so clever! Xxx

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