Thursday, 18 October 2012

We packed it in today me and Meadow.
I have SO had enough of work at the moment.
So I took a day off.
And I did what you do on days off
I went with my toddler to the goddamn ZOO
And we had a terrific time despite the rain messing up our non frizz resistant hair. And we didn't care!
It is what life is all about. I am going to take more days off :)
Especially to go see BABY GIRAFFE'S and the little Ardvaark's? Holy hell I wanted to take him home he looked so sad!

Now off to face usual bedtime battle. Meadow please go to bed. NO MUMMY NO. Yes Meadow. Why Mummy? Bed Meadow. NO NO NO. and the best. "let's watch film Mummy". Ok then. Film it is :)


Cerys said...

Most unexpected post so far! And absolutely loved it! Who doesnt love giraffes?? David and I were talking about how much baby giraffes rock today....kid you not! Xxx

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