Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Did I mention I am going to PARIS?? I am I am I am and I cannot wait. Can you tell? It's got me thinking about all things breton and cheese and wine and coffee and macaroons and, of course Eiffel Tower WALLPAPER!! I need this. C'est Magnifique? Oui Oui!
Still no lens! Today Meadow's table and chairs arrived and let me tell you they are very awesome and exact baby replicas of Eames!  She loves them and we spent an hour tonight drawing Peppa Pig. I was somewhat concerned I may break the tiny maple legs but they seem surprisingly sturdy (considering tonight I have eaten spring rolls, rice, yoghurt, 6 strips of Vinny's Australian liquorice, chocolate, popcorn, cheese and biscuits - you get the picture #GREEDY) I promise tomorrow will bring some pictures.......
But for now, I leave with this beauty from my fave Pinterest board Paris stylie!
i dream of paris
oui, oui


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