Thoughtful Thursday

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Today has been pretty long and very eventful..most of which I will not elaborate on, as there is only so much that is appropriate to talk about on what is essentially a very public forum... :)

I feel at the moment that I am losing track of where I want to be, and even who I am which is ridiculously frightening. I know what my responsibilities are, as a wife and a mother, and I think I do my job (s) pretty well....but when the person you share all your responsibilities with criticises what you do and how you do it, I think oh fuck you. How dare you. Get out! And now I am sat here thinking what if he is right and I am wrong? And I really in my heart and my head know he is not!!! Anyway that is probably too much information already.

And on an altogether lighter note, a new book! How many I have on the go now?8!!! 8!!I thought this one looked interesting especially as at the moment my thinking is definitely slow :)
Also got the CUTEST hat from M&S (and yes it looks like an old lady hat in my pics but in reality it's super cute))  and let me tell you, taking pics of yourself (also late so poor light) is not easy! As you can see :)I feel silly actually doing it, but well. sometimes you need to feel silly.
PS Meadow in a bed tonight! Take 2. Please do not let her wander tonight. Please baby gods! So far so zzzzzzzz. PPS And she actually weed in the toilet yesterday! She is only 2! No potty straight to loo. She is a genius. Yes. Biased.



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