Monday Mania

Monday, 22 October 2012

Sorry for lack of photos but since Meadow broke my lens, if Rich has weddings then I am lensless. And the iPhone just doesn't cut it for me on The Blog :)
So today's pic is courtesy of Ms Martha Stewart and I did actually make this and it was bloody delicious. And quite an achievement on a rainy Monday evening. Especially as I had an over zealous toddler (who had had a nap at 4pm NOOOOO) full of energy asking "Why?" to everything I did.  Although she does say it in the cutest little English accent EVER. Although now it is edging past 9pm I am tired and I am saying "bed" and she is saying "why?'. Right now as I type this. And she is also making me a cup of tea. Singing a made up song that has "Gunwharf" sprinkled in it, along with "eggcups" and "chickens" as well as "chocolate".Awesome!


Cj said...

Meadow rocks! X

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