Bits of the Weekend

Sunday, 14 October 2012

It was busy!
And got off to a good start! And not just any flowers. BIG FAT APOLOGY flowers from my favourite florist, where my wedding flowers came from. And yes, they came with the actual apology too. I think that an apology can never be underestimated and believe me, I have never in my life rebuffed one, if it is sincere.

So it continued with Meadow's 2 favourite things of the moment. Her sparkly shoes, and her owl hat It is generally cold enough in our house to wear these pretty much all the time :) And yes, that is pen on Meadow's hand. She is a frikkin genius at finding pens and generally writes on herself. probably little shorthand notes for "Mummy's bag. Grab it. Take everything out. Wear her lipstick. Stuff her work receipts in my jacket pockets. Wear her sunglasses upside down and always, always empty her change out on to floor, attempt to eat any paracetamols she may have in there and chewing gum"

My favourite Meadow item of the moment has to be her fox top from H&M, i am beyond jealous! H&M please make an adult one......please. And talking of H&M I had to buy her....a tutu. Which she promptly wore which caused a lot of smiles in Chichester :) What did not cause smiles here was her unscrewing the clasp on my new Mulberry bag. Or me simultaneously catching my dress on Meadow's pram as said bag wiggled down my hips to around my knees. Not one of my finer moments.

Other noteworthy things, I am selling up a storm on eBay but unfortunately keep buying stuff too... this chair for my desk, a shirt from this brand and a cute jacket from my favourite Whistles

Photos will happen when the stuff arrives :)

Hope you all had a good weekend and did not need apology flowers :)


Carolyn Guadarrama said...

I am glad your week is off to a better start! Flowers and an apology, perfect. I love the little fox top too.

Bakehouseblog said...

Thanks Carolyn! Yes we need to design adult ones :)

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