Focus Friday

Friday, 5 October 2012

Today started with a memorial service for a good friend of mine. Rich knew he was dying. He knew who he wanted there and he knew what he wanted to be heard.
Rich was and NLP Master and he was all about reaching your potential. His life celebration ended with
"If not now, when?
If not you, who?"
I feel he was speaking to me, as this is exactly what he would say to me right now.
So I made a change. And it started today.

Meadow has been such a joy today. She played kitchen for ages and let me relax a bit. She also pointed out I was watching "Kardashians Mummy" which is shocking as a) I hardly ever watch it and b) I can barely pronounce it myself! She also chilled out by reading one of my magazines :)

Today has been such a weird day and I feel all discombobulated (love that word, may have spelled it wrong) but overall feel exceptionally grateful for my life and my family and excited about new opportunities :)

Happy weekend everyone! xo
NB New Pedlars catalogue. Happy new red jacket. Rain on the french doors. Meadow in her birthday jim-jams reading my mag.


Cerys said...

Beautiful post! X

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