Where'd it go Weekend

Sunday, 4 November 2012

This weekend has flown by so quickly. I feel I just snapped down my (work) laptop lid and already it's back up, with a million things to be done already!
I always think that that is a sign of a busy weekend, and it was.....
I even managed to squeeze in a night to myself staying with Cerys and no Meadow! Woop woop to Sunday morning lie-ins and the opportunity to paint my nails AND read magazines! (although i missed my morning snuggle with my toot). When Rich picked me up she said "MUMMY! I missed you!"
We squeezed in a fair few Starbucks (hello red cups!) and I am loving the cold weather and layering up in snuggly cardigans from here (seriously upped their game) and here (although I always buy from ASOS
Not to mention Meadow's current favourite activity, which is sitting at my desk. And wearing my shoes. And shouting at Daddy. Current favourite "No WAY!" And emptying out all my drawers. Never not annoying.

The Old Bake House renovations part II begin next month (hello new kitchen : goodbye damp) so continuing to sell half my world on eBay. It is such a great feeling to get rid of belongings we don't use and buy things we need (range cooker/dishwasher/winecooler/mini-Ipad) Ok a mini iPad not exactly a necessity :)

London tomorrow again for a meeting and will take my camera!

Hope you all had a great weekend xo


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