Wednesday Wondering

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Been busy work week.
Had meetings in London.
Been sleep deprived as Meadow has a cough and wakes up a lot. Yaaawwnnn. It is so hard to focus when you get constant interupted sleep over a few days.
It's also excrutiatingly hard to get decent pics as I'm working all day then it's dark so early :(
I do wish I could start everyday with a breakfast from Wholefoods though! Expensive but oh so delish.
A restaurant in Soho I want to try out and so took a pic so I remember it's Spuntino
Managed to get my hands on an iPad mini and LOVE it. My Dad found out today that he bought it for me for Christmas (thank you Daddy!) Pic tomorrow!

Fingers crossed for sleep tonight! Wish me luck xo


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