Meadow Musings

Friday, 9 November 2012

Meadow is the funniest person I know. Hands down. She must get it from my husband. She brings me joy every single day. Without question. She brings out my very best and my very worst on a daily basis. Case in point. My best - singing/dancing/reading/laughing. I will happily, loudly sing "wind the bobbin up" complete with actions, at 6am. No problem. Wheels on the bus? Hell yeah. My worst - food thrown splat on the floor from her chair. Every single day! Being a parent is terrifying and awesome all combined in one bizarre package.
But back to Meadow musings.
"Mummy. Daddy gone to pub? Be back soon?"
"Mummy I make you hot chocolate. Meadow have wine beer"
"Mummy. Auntie Sophie make Meadow a baby brother?" (Sophie is pregnant!)
"Mummy. Daddy shut Meadow's hand in car door" (HE DID!!! accidentally of course and she was fine but she told me this the second I got in the door!)
"Mummy. Meadow go wee in toilet" Usually said while she strips off making her way through. She never actually does wee in the toilet.
Rich offered me money for parking the other day, which I refused. She piped up "Meadow will have money"

My girl is sweet and kind and lovable and a total ham. We love you Miss M xo


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I love reading your blog! Meadow is soooo cute: Tanya x

Cj Alcock said...

Brilliant, briliant, brilliant! xxx

Bakehouseblog said...

Ah thank you lovely ladies!, thank you! Xx

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