Funday Sunday

Sunday, 11 November 2012

So we got up and the sun was shining.
So I figured let's do something special. When I say anything like that, you can bet your bottom dollar Rich opts out. So me and Meadow. We took ourselves off in our trusty BMW that's not too shabby for Chelsea thank you very much, and we drove to here
It was a lot of fun, although Meadow was terrified of the t-Rex (me too he is a seriously scary dude)
We wandered around South Ken and Chelsea and whilst Meadow slept, I looked at the multimillion pound terraces and wondered where it all went wrong ;)

I spent £25 on coffees and cake (!!!!) seriously we are so greeedy, Meadow got a keyring tyranasauraus (spelling?!? you know what I mean) and a calculator that she has been talking in to all day....anyway, here are a few snaps of our day.

NB: My Gripes About London : Lack of baby change/ and toilet facilities in cafe's. I changed Meadow with her standing up on the toilet seat lid twice today. Amount of tourists with huge rucksacks not looking where they are going - watch out for the tiny people dudes! cost of coffee when you drink as much as I do. The general dirtiness - Meadow! DO NOT TOUCH THAT. Today she licked a glass screen at The NHM. Seriously. EUGGHHHH how many hands have touched that. Pass me some antibacterial gel STAT.
Hope you all had a great weekend xo


Cerys said...

Fifth pic down....that's the spirit of adventure right there! X

Anonymous said...

Too cute Bx

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