Part trois

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The final Paris set!
I'm missing it already. The coffee! The cake! The chicness!
Back to life.
Back to tantrums in John Lewis (not mine), with a toddler who will not be bargained with. NOOOOO WAAAYYY MUMMY NOOOO WAY!
I've always felt sorry for parents with tantrum throwers, and now it is my turn. Although I try really hard to stay calm, yesterday when I was feeling under the weather with the most crappy cough, that i shouted at her. Proper shouted at her.
And she stopped.
And she said "Meadow stopped crying now Mummy. I'm a good girl"
And it broke my heart a little bit.
And maybe I let her have a chocolate truffle of Daddy's.
Anyway. Back to Paris.......
The Louvre
French Starbucks!
My little Sandro bag (j'adore)
Angelina (best brunch ever Cerys J)


Cerys said...

Glorious glorious! LOVE!

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