Whaaaaat Wednesday

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Seriously HOW is it Wednesday already? I have achieved nothing! I have lists building upon lists. I need to give myself a good shake.
I spent an inordinate amount of time tidying my desk. WHAT? Meadow watches "Woolly and Tig" on my MacBook and while she is doing that, she rifles through my drawers. Every single day. And so everything was all muddled and crumpled and has biscuit on it. Anyway sorry to bore you with this but that was my evening!
I did make Meadow a cool frame for her nursery though.
And grabbed a shot of my fluffiest gillet (Rich always prounounces this "Geeeelaaaayyyy" in a weird accent to take the piss out of me but, well, it is a gillet, non?) that I am definitely taking to PARIS and Meadow is so ridiculously proficient with the iPhone now, she can scroll through photos, find youtube, watch elmo and ring my ex husband (SERIOUSLY!!)

Sorry for yellow tinge to photos but the light in our bedroom is yellow tinged! And my camera is a smartiepants and captures it how it is! Happy Wednesday everyone xo


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