Two days

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Two days 'till PARIS!
I am so excited I literally cannot sleep. Actually that may be my hacking cough that WILL NOT GO. Seriously, who deserves a cough for 3 weeks? Grrrrrr.
Anyway. I am powering on through and dreaming of delicious coffee and croissants galore, people watching and flea marketing.
I will, of course be accompanied by my little mulberry satchel (I love him so) and my newest purchase...this, my YSL muse two (an eBay purchase)

Any handbag favourites this season? I'm crazy about this one but I think at nearly £5K I will be waiting a while. Still a girl can dream (that is if she can ever get to god damn sleep :)

Happy Tuesday lovely ladies!


PS Meadow's latest :
Me-Meadow do you want some tea?
No thank you Mother, I shall be fine with a small snack.

PPS Yes, my dress is see through. That is what is fantastic about having a blog. You can relive mistakes! Huzzah!


Natalie said...

Oh, gorgeous bag! SO exciting about Paris!

courtney said...

Yea for paris and YEA for beautiful bags!!!

I'm so loyal when it comes to bags - I have the classic Louis MM in both the original and azur. One for fall/winter, one for spring/summer. I never switch it up!

Feel better my dear!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Oh darling Karen, you look so chic in the camel sweater and I'm crazy for your bag too. Waiting patiently for a full report! I hope it was fabulous and you are feeling better too!


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