Monday, 21 October 2013

So. In our house we have approximately 5 cameras. Bad ass ones. And we have approximately 2 family photos. Yup.
Whilst shooting some friends kids for a birthday present, me and Meadow tagged along to get some shots of us. And I remember why shooting weddings is sooooo much easier. Family portraits are a killer. Meadow sabotaged most of them by doing weird things like bending over. Sigh.
Anyways! We got a few! Check out Rich's grumpy ol' face! Haha!

Meadow has been making me laugh all weekend long. We had a girls day at the cinema, and we got there (uncharacteristically) early. While the trailers were running, I turned to M and said "eugh. I hate being early to the cinema." She looked at me, sighed, and said "I hate being chased"
So random and so funny!

Last night, dancing around to Daft Punk in the kitchen, she was watching me, arms folded. She smiled and said "mummy, you are Amazin'. You should get a medal for that dancing"

Bless her little tiny heart. I love that girl. It's the small things that make me happy. (although I'd say yay to a Goyard tote) And it's those I am choosing to focus on! What is making you happy this week?

Happy Monday!!! xoxo


Katie Waddell said...

Aw, sweet pictures and how funny is she!? My three year old nearly had a heart attack when he saw our gutted bathroom sans a toilet a few weeks ago and shouted (in front of our contractors) "Where will we poop!?" That's been making me laugh for weeks now :) I hear you about the family photos! Getting three boys to sit still and smile is CRAZY....that's something I deserve a medal for!!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Gorgeous pics! She seems like great fun :)

Hannapat said...

Happy Tuesday lovely and such a gorgeous post. Love your beautiful photos with the gorgeous meadow and you all look so happy (yes dare I see it) and you look gorgeous!! Once they get to a certain age, their little personalities come through and I love how they can just come out with the funniest things at the least expected moments. Hope you enjoyed the cinema, just taking mine this afternoon. xoxo

Jennifer said...

I've just found your blog and I love it. Your daughter is so cute and she sounds like she must be totally hilarious. I'm glad to hear of another household where everyone dances to Daft Punk because they are the latest musical obsession in my house. Both kids and their dad have been affected. :)

Rachel Weaver said...

I hate being late; I LOVE the trailers. I also hate being chased.

courtney said...

That first picture killed me - you two are beautiful.

I had to laugh, of course, we just did our family photos this past weekend (I feel like we have so many eery similarities - I love it!) and it was just PAINFUL. Beckett was a disaster, Logan wouldn't put down the ball or stick, the husband was grumpy and I was full of mud from trying to wrangle the toddler. After 920 pictures (insane) I'm hoping just ONE is decent.

Love the medal for dancing comment, what a sweetheart you have!

A Little Slice Of said...

Gorgeous pics - you've captured lovely moments! M is so hilarious - what a precious age! I love her random comment and I need a little one...just to tell me how amazing my dancing is!! ps. I hate being chased too :)

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Karen, You have a beautiful family!! I cannot believe how darling Meadow is. I can't wait to see your pics. I have to say sadly we don't have any professional family pics. I've just done them with an auto thing and I prefer them outside to a studio..Wish you were closer. I'd pay you to take some for me.

I just love that story in the theatre! She's a little smarty!


Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Kim, next time I am in California, I am photographing you all! For free. It would be my pleasure. The boys may be 20 by the time I actually make it back but I promise!!! xxxx

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