Sunday, 11 March 2012

I would like to be in California, in a luxury Yurt! See I am fed up of the scooter that wakes me up at 5.30am screeching up my lane. Why? Closely followed by the terrier who barks at it around 5.31am I am fed up of husband and his awful mood. He is hurumphing around and has been for days now. He is anxious as his business is unusually quiet. He gets frustrated at other people's success too much. How can he be so talented and smart and not earning mucho? It's not unfair that less talented people have more success. Concentrate on what you can do better! Let go of the frustration dude!

I still really really want a kindle. Word! The new Twilight film is out today! Wooohoooo! Spring seems around the corner! Unfortunately so is my appraisal. Off to update my business plan that I never read except before my appraisal :) Happy Monday!


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