Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Today I'd like to be wearing white and cream. But it's raining I'm planning my new kitchen and keep changing my mind I'm waiting for Meadow to wake up! It's 7 and she has nursery at 8. Very unusual she is normally up at 6.30 looking for "ugs" I'm stressing about my gym closing for a month! I'm missing America, ooh I am. Next year! I'm excited to watch The Big Easy Express on iTunes later. I'm not excited about a work telecon I'm running on Edward de bono and tactical plans. I'm thinking of throwing all my 6 hats in the bin :) Xx


Cupcakej said...

Do you mean your metaphorical hats (mother, wife, drug pusher etc) or 6 actual hats (flat cap, fedora, panama etc)? Surely you're not going to throw 6 hats in the bin? Why? Xxx

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