Friday, 20 April 2012

Is Friday! I have been sans husband most of the week, as he was working. On one hand, it's nice to have the OBH to myself, and listen to music loudly, eat cereal for dinner, and sleep in the middle of the bed :)On the other hand. I miss his grumpy face and sandy blond head.I had a long day at work today. The list of what I need to do gets longer and the time I have shorter.i get paid well for what I do, but that comes at a cost. I miss Meadow, and wish I saw her more than the 2 hours before her bedtime.I got THE best bargain today! Post to follow!I hired a cleaner! 3rd time lucky! I think she will actually clean! Beyond excited.I have been seeing babies EVERYWHERE! I really hope it's not a sign. I'm happy with one!I have been sneaking chapters of my new book Kindle, and already OBSeSSED just as I knew I would be. Kindle tastic.I am, however, less than impressed with Meadows unfortunate huge interest in my Kindle. It's got buttons. Dammit.I am so behind in my purchases recording. I feel a bit sick on just how much I will be photographing.....I cried for my friend Richard who has terminal lung cancer that has metastasised to his brain. He called me and we talked about it for a long time. He is so strong and so resilient and so true. He makes me realise that we must live in the moment. Do things you love. With people you love. Be loved and love. I cant finish on such a sombre note. So i will be light and tell you all to go try a tempur mattress. Seriously it's like lying on a cloud in heaven! Try it!Love xx


Cupcakej said...

As always, LOVED this! Always love your 'today's! Poor, poor Richard....I was only - bizarrely - thinking about him yesterday!

I'm on my laptop and realised that not all of your posts appear on my annoying! This is the first time I am seeing this post and also a few other! Tut! xx

Bakehouseblog said...

How weird! iPads have a weird thing going on. I can never get mine to add pictures on to blogger. Grrrr x

Bakehouseblog said...

And it's the tempur mattress! Bloody autocorrect on iPad drives me nuts!

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