The Dollar

Sunday, 15 January 2012

I have zero cash this month. The OBH needs skirting boards (!) and Meadow needs a new bedroom door (don't ask- but when I say 'buy cheap-buy twice' you get my drift), my chair needs recovered and I also need new jeans and a haircut. Fact.
I need to budget and stop spending £10 a day on ridiculous luxuries (Starbucks) and I actually 8/10 think their coffee sucks anyway....
I am photographing everything I buy and logging it on a spreadsheet (and hoping as I HATE excel that in itself will stop me)
Wish me luck.


mylovesbyme said...

You go girl! Great idea! Gotta ask about the door though.....what happened? xx

Bakehouseblog said...

2 things. It catches your hand when you close it (not great at 3 am when shattered) and the other thing is the light from the TV on wall bounces in. So we need a nice thick oak door!
And yep excel the way to go! May be not for you as you actually like spreadsheets and will no doubt buy more trying to fill it LOL

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