Saturday, 31 December 2011

Today I have been thinking about all the things I did not know about babies.
1 you literally never have any money spare. Weird for me as I have always bought what I want. Now I have to budget. Kind of.
2 they sometimes sleep and sometimes don't. No way to tell. And guaranteed the night before a big event, like shooting a wedding. They won't.
3 just how you can and do cope with sleep deprivation for so long, it is amazing. I have not slept continuously for more than 6 hours in 18 months. And never ONCE had a lie in past 7.30 am
4 how demanding babies are. You cannot send an email, read a magazine, cook dinner. I thought I would develop my website, finish off bits around the house, write reality I just survived!
5 how much exercise drops off when you need it the most....tiredness, busyness time is not possible to continue my 5 mile runs every other day!
6 how food gets everywhere. I find weetabix in my hair, applesauce on my shoulder, raisins in my shoes.
7 snot. Oh boy.where the fuck all that snot comes from is anyones guess
8 vomit. On my head. Twice.
9 baby spit up! Yuck! Not any more but when M was tiny she would spit up ALL the time. On me, on the sofa, on the floor and especially, on herself.
10 how changing a nappy on a 10 month old onwards is like some kind of torture. They are Wiley and crafty and quick and yell.
11 how any clothing change enrages M. She cries EVERY single time. Seriously
12 toys. I obsess over the lack of toys we have. But seriously. She prefers my bag or cupboards to anything!
13 naps. How I obsessed about naps. Meddie thankfully is a big mapper and will do 2 hrs easy.
14 sterilising. Holy shit. 6 bottles a day. Room temp water for formula. Holy shit that was time consuming beyond belief.
15 dummies. Love them. And she looks so ridiculously cute sucking furiously on hers.
16 wiping faces. Good luck
17 food on floor. Never not annoying when you stand on something squelchy, or get a raisin stuck on your sock
18 stairs, sockets, glasses, plates, knifes, oven, bin....all ENDLESSLY dangerous and super attractive. Every single day. Babies have an eye for danger I swear to god
19 stair gates. Leave it open for 1\3 rd of a second and she KNOWS.
20 how your life will change beyond anything you could ever possibly imagine, in every way. This tiny person captures your heart through hair pulls and weetabixy hands and you would not change a single thing. Every single second is precious and exhilarating from sleepy cuddles to sticky kisses and I am so honoured to have been blessed so much.


Cupcakej said...

Did you get the comment i left on this post yesterday or day before? x

Bakehouseblog said...

Nope! X

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