Saturday, 6 August 2011

Today I have been running around achieving very little, despite having a party tomorrow for neighbours and baby buddies at The OBH....

But I have had a baby attached all day to my hip :)

But I did find the time to read my current fav blog
and read her new baby blog pages and it made me really envious that, although I for sure, have a beautiful baby girl too, our experience of bringing our babies home is somewhat different...

I am so so envious that she has memories that included bunting and 'welcome home with baby' cake and the cards and most of all, the love.

My memories are of the cold silence and the absence of my Mum.
Which makes me sadder than I could ever imagine possible.

I guess life experiences like these help make all the sweet moments even sweeter and I try harder to understand the different temperaments that make us who we are.

But , hell am I wel-jel :)  because nothing can ever change that first precious day/week/month.

But my baby is the most gorgeous baby in the world ever! So I am sucking it up......


Your bff said...

:( I wish i could change this memory for you my precious bff! :( x Ps. like I always's just as well that you are superwoman!!

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